August 12, 2020

Myself and the team at Boom Factory Publishing LLC are excited to announce that another round of the Happily Ever Alpha World is coming starting in January 2021!

The Happily Ever Alpha World are books written in association with my internationally bestselling Until, Until Her, and Until Him series.

We are honored to have the authors listed below in our family and can’t wait for you to read what they are contributing to the HEA World! Want to know what they are writing? Go like their Facebook and Instagram pages and check out their individual announcements to find out!

A.J. Alexander, Jessica Ames, Sheridan Anne, Ana Balen, Jordan Bates, Kira Berger, Skye Callahan, Elle Christensen, Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels, Sarah Curtis, Chiquita Dennie, Bella Emy, Amanda Faye, Kay Gordon, May Gordon, Evan Grace,Gwendolyn Grace, Alex Grayson, Cary Hart, Shaw Hart, Brittany Holland, K.L. Humphreys, Hope Jones, Amanda Kaitlyn, Janae Keyes, Harlow Layne, Emma Louise, Cheri Marie, Jessica Marin, Susana Mohel, CC Monroe, Mary B Moore, MK Moore, Mignon Mykel, Sarah O’Rourke, Brie Paisley, Leslie Pike, Victoria Pinder, Vera Quinn, Loni Ree, Michele Ryan and TL Reeve, Sade Rena, KD Robichaux, Nicole Rodrigues, L.B. Russell, E.M. Shue, CP Smith, Kate Stacy, Mayra Statham, Harley Stone, Shanna Swenson, Winter Travers, Melissa Williams

Have you read the books from the 2019 Happily Ever Alpha World yet? You can find them listed on Boom Factory Publishing’s website. All books are available in Kindle Unlimited:

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