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Before This Ends

Miles Madden and I would not have gotten together if my life had gone according to plan.

Recently single with her whole life up in the air, Emma Abate knows that getting into any kind of relationship, even if it is nothing more than a hook-up, is stupid. Especially when the man she’s hooking up with is Miles Madden, a single father who constantly makes her forget that what they have isn’t real.

Or is it?

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Until Hanna

Hanna has always dreamt of the day when she’d find the perfect man and start a family of her own. But one horrible dating experience after an another, has her second guessing her ability to trust her own judgment when it comes to men. After her last failed relationship with a man who had a whole other life that she knew nothing about, she makes a promise to herself:
No dating and no serious relationships for a year.

But a vacation fling isn’t dating is it?

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